Aerial Surveying


We currently own and operate two UAVs from our Launceston office under our own Operators Certificate issued by CASA. We are fully licensed and insured to operate UAVs within controlled airspace.

We have a fixed wing aircraft with on-board high accuracy GPS that allows us to capture imagery and 3D terrain information. We are able to capture images at much higher resolutions that conventional aerial photography. Our system uses on-board GPS to allow us to produce accurate surveys (less than 50mm positional accuracy) without the need for ground control. This means that we are able to survey high danger areas, work sites and sensitive areas without needing to enter the site.

In addition to our UAV we operate a multi-rotor aircraft that has on-board 4K video with active image stabilising and live streaming back to the ground.  This is suitable for a range of applications including marketing, promotional material, aerial inspections and accessing areas too difficult or impossible to reach by foot.


High Resolution Imagery

Our system is capable of capturing hundreds of hectares of high resolution imagery in one day. Depending on the size and location of the project, we can deliver next day coordinated and rectified imagery. We can process and supply images in a wide range of resolutions and formats suitable for your project.

3D Terrain Modelling

We can capture large areas of terrain and produce models for a range of applications. Some of the applications we have looked at so far include contouring, volume calculations, stockpile and quarry surveys, drainage modeling, farm dam calculations, as constructed surveys and coastal erosion.

Stockpile 3D modelling & volume calculations

As Constructed Farm Dam

UAV used to capture data to support calculation of accurate water storage volumes, depth capacity curves and wall volumes.

Aerial Inspections

Using the multi-rotor with on-board video, we can provide a wide range of inspection options in areas not usually accessible by people. We can inspect everything from bridges, communication towers, industrial structures, solar panels, construction progress, mining works, hazardous areas, emergency situations and much more.

Real Estate and Promotional Material

Aerial footage is a vital marketing tool. Adding new perspective and dimension to your marketing campaign gives you the competitive edge. Having high quality images and video is paramount. We shoot still images and 4K video as standard.

We can supply edited video and photos ready for promotional use or raw data in a variety of formats to suit the needs of your graphic designer or videographer.

Film, Print and Online

  • Videos of sweeping vistas from sea to summit
  • Still photography from any angle
  • Live streaming back to ground for good composition