Land Surveying


We provide services for all ranges of cadastral applications from property boundary surveys to subdivisions, project management and real estate.

Property boundary surveys

  • Boundary re-marking surveys (i.e. for fencing)
  • Forestry GPS surveys to verify title boundaries

Subdivisions and project management

We can provide various levels of service to suit land subdivision projects all the way to complete project management from start to finish.

  • Subdivision design and preparation of all applications as required
  • Prepare, issue and manage tender documentation
  • Assist by obtaining civil works quotations
  • Contract supervision
  • Liaison with TasWater
  • Referral and provision of instructions to conveyancer or solicitor
  • Town planning and development advice

Strata subdivisions

Small two-lot strata surveys, through to complex commercial and residential strata establishment and amendments of existing schemes.

Identification Survey Aerial Image

Identification surveys for real estate purchases

We inspect the property, take measurements and provide a report and plan, detailing any fencing encroachments, easement or title details you should be aware of prior to settlement.

Lease Plans

Lease plans and Nett Lettable area surveys

Lease surveys and plan preparation to create a leasehold title registered by the Land Titles Office.

Nett lettable area surveys based on the Method of Measurement for lettable area guidelines prepared by the Property Council of Australia.


Covering a wide range of engineering requirements for construction, asset mapping and surveys of terrain or as-constructed assets.

Engineering and construction surveys

  • Road detail surveys, cross-section and long-section plots
  • Volume calculations
  • House and building setout
  • Large scale construction setout and control
  • As-constructed surveys
  • Acquisition surveys
  • Pipeline and route surveys

Asset mapping and documentation

Accurate location and documentation of assets and features for projects.

As Constructed Surveys

As-constructed surveys

Location and plan preparation showing the as-constructed details in accordance with Council and water corporation requirements.

Tip Pond And Contours

Detail & contour surveys

  • For engineering and architectural design purposes.
  • Drainage design for large farming applications.
Dam Wall

Setout for construction

  • Residential and commercial buildings & development
  • Roads and subdivision works
  • Dams
  • Infrastructure works


To ensure ongoing success through water shortages or drought prone areas, an adequate water source needs to be established.  Cohen & Associates can provide farm dam surveys to assist with optimal water storage options for your property.

Farm Dam

Farm dam surveys

  • Assist with assessment of on-site water storage options and site selection.
  • Survey & accurate volume calculations for various dam locations and wall design options.
  • Supply of tables and graphs of calculations as required.

We can also assist with referrals to agricultural, geotechnical and engineering consultants as required.

Laser Scanning

We have the capability to capture and produce high accuracy laser scans for 3D modeling and documentation.  Up to 2mm accuracy across millions of points ensures a high density point cloud and accurate surface modeling.  Capturing photos and scan points simultanesouly allows us to build high resolution photo-realistic 3D models for a wide range of industrial, commercial & heritage applications.

Exterior and Interior

  • Exterior scanning with correct handling of point cloud shadows
  • Interior scanning with accurate spatial reconstruction of disconnected rooms